Clean Windows and a Clear Outlook for 2021!

Are friends and neighbors in the Raleigh area getting behind the idea of clean windows for the new year? It seems like they are! And that’s just one of the many steps we’ve seen people take to greet the new year with a fresh, clear outlook. We’ve got tips and more to get your year off right.

Clean windows are on many people’s new year to-do list for good reason: with trees bare of leaves, clean windows let maximum light stream into your home, making the most of our shorter-light days. This light helps warm and brighten our outlook—especially for people who suffer from low moods in winter. 

Want truly clean windows? It’s more than a spray can handle

When it’s done well, transforming hazy, dirt-streaked glass and frames into bright clean windows is both an indoor and outdoor project. But windows rank among people’s least favorite cleaning task—right up there with cleaning the bathroom and ironing. Window cleaning can also be tough for many homeowners with limited access to upper floors and problems with water access and/or streaking. 

Maybe that’s why this is a favorite request from our Clayton and Triangle-area customers! Proper window cleaning, the Dr. Detail Pro way, includes ridding the glass, frame, track, and sills—indoors and out—of dirt, mold, webs, spiders, and other pests. (Pro tip: it’s ideal to follow window cleaning with a visit from your pest control specialist, since they can help prevent spiders from returning before you even have a chance to enjoy a steaming cocoa on the porch!) 

Indoors, while glass cleaner does part of the job in between cleanings, we like to focus on delivering a truly spotless result, including inside the sills, to keep dust and dirt from blowing back into your home when you open your windows on warmer winter days. And it’s critical to us that everything around and below your windows is left just the same as it was before we arrived—no issues with water or dirt tracked through your home.

Clean windows are just the start

While we’ve seen and felt the difference of clean windows ourselves, that’s only one of the many terrific ideas we’ve heard from customers and cleaning experts. How about these:

1. Use salt or lemon to freshen the air and clean surfaces:

Salt “absorbs water, so it can keep a fresh spill from becoming a stain…; it’s abrasive, so it makes a good scrub…; if you pair it with an acid, like vinegar or lemon juice, you can whip up a powerful cleaner.”

  • Simmer lemon peels in water and let the steam scent your space; or add lemon essential oil to your diffuser.
  • Leave small dishes filled with fresh lemon slices around your home.
  • Dissolve sea salt in a spray bottle filled with water and mist the air of every room.
  • Dissolve salt in water used to clean surfaces and floors.
  • You may have seen Himalayan salt lamps; these help emit negative ions that help neutralize and clean the air, increase energy levels, and can calm you.

2. Add houseplants to your seating areas

Plants are so helpful to the air, converting carbon dioxide we exhale into oxygen we need, and removing toxins like cancer-causing formaldehyde and benzene (commonly emitted by furniture, furniture wax, detergents, glues and paints) from the air. The natural earth and plant smells they emit also connect us to nature and the outdoors, which has been found to be calming and restorative. Sage and lavender scents are soothing and dissipate negativity.

3. Move furniture around to change how you relate to your space: 

Try changing the direction that your desk or living room furniture face. Some directions may create a sense of openness and opportunity, others a sense of safety and comfort. (If you’re open to alternative ideas, there’s an ancient approach to encouraging energy flow called Feng Shui that may help if you truly want to create an energy shift.) 

There’s something about entering a new year… it’s a time for a fresh start, when many of us look with hope and energy toward new possibilities and goals. 

Hopefully you found a few ideas here—and if we can help you bring a breath of fresh air to your Clayton or Raleigh-area home through clean windows (or any other exterior cleaning project), give us a call at 919-777-3999 or book your appointment—it’s a breeze!