Pressure Washing in Bedford at Falls River Palooza!

Dr. Ty, Kristen and Mikey in Bedford at Falls River showcasing Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning. We raffled one year of free pressure washing to the neighborhood. Also, we handed out dryer vent balls to the residents with a home maintenance schedule magnet. Pressure Washing at Bedford at Falls River Palooza!

Our Pressure Washing Team had a lovely time showcasing our services to Bedford at Falls River at their neighborhood Bedford Palooza! We have quite a few loyal customers in Bedford, and it was great to come out and meet some more.

Bedford at Falls River is a gorgeous neighborhood, with plenty of amenities and activities available for the residents. It also has plenty of tall oak trees! These trees wreak havoc on the neighborhood, especially in Spring and Fall. Between the pollen and leaves, the big shady oak trees keep home maintenance on the top of mind!

How we make home maintenance EASY

Our customers love us in Bedford at Falls River not only because we clean their gutters, pressure wash their homes and clean their windows; but because we make all of their home maintenance chores EASY! Our customers don’t sweat pollen season or fall leaves because they know we have it covered.

It is our mission to take the tough work out of home maintenance. Our service from start to finish is easy breezy! From the start, we provide up-front and prompt quotes. Upon approval (or change requests), we get the service scheduled quickly. For most projects, we can get the work scheduled and completed within a week!

Our crew respects social distancing during appointments, but we are very friendly and approachable. We work quickly and efficiently. Once the work is complete, we email the invoice. We always follow up to ensure satisfaction– in fact we ask our customers only pay when they are certain they are 100% happy.

We even have a client portal that has record of all home maintenance that we have provided, along with any photos of work. This can come in handy down the road!

If you would like to take your weekends back, and never sweat home maintenance again, reach out for a free Healthy Home Quote for Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Duct Cleaning: Free Quote