What is Artillery Fungus and Why Is It Attacking My Home?

Ever see little black dots on your siding and car and wonder, Is that fly poop? No, its not fly poop. It is Artillery Fungus and this is what you can do about it.

So what is artillery fungus and why is it attacking your home?

Artillery fungus is the little black dots on the exterior of your siding or glass that won’t clean off, they won’t even Power Wash off. They are the spore babies of fungus that grow in dark damp places like mulch. When they hatch, they shoot up into the air like an explosion and stick to whatever surface they land on. Once they stick, it is really difficult to get them off!

When we clean windows, we will typically scrape them off with a razor blade to remove. This isn’t included in a standard window cleaning service, as it much more time intensive. I know some window cleaners that refuse to remove them, as they are kind of a pain! Pane in the glass! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Our team is happy to offer this service, and will recommend it when spotted!

For siding, I don’t recommend scraping as you might damage the surface. You can spray down the affected area with a degreaser and water solution. Let is sit and then wipe off.

How do I make them stop?

How do you protect your home from these angry little fungi? Well, the most effective way to combat it is to remove the food source, in this case, the mulch. Stone or gravel could be substituted, or synthetic mulch.

I personally love the look of mulch, and if you do too, here is another option: buy pre-treated mulch and change out your mulch each year. Many will try to replace the top layer only, this creates a breeding ground for artillery fungus on the bottom layer. There are a lot more great solutions to artillery fungus here.

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